Product Review: Gymboss

There’s not that many options when it comes to interval timers.  When I started out I just used an android app that handled interval training or I would have my computer open and use one of the programs on it.  They were fine and functional and you can just use a watch to handle it, but I tried Gymboss because I saw it used on so many youtube videos that I ponied up the $15 or so bucks for it.

Opinion of it?  It’s an interval timer, it’s not going to change your life, but it is the best interval timer that I’ve come across.  Small, lightweight, decent clip that attaches to clothing fairly securely, actually, I’ll say very securely because that thing stayed on through jumping jacks and burpees with no problem.

I prefer it over using an app because if I damage it, lose it, or any other horrible thing you can do, I’m not going to be all that upset.  I view a product successful if I’d buy it again if I lost it, and I would buy a new gymboss.  It has 2 intervals, up to 99 rounds, has a loud beep, low beep, strong vibrate, a weak vibrate.  Fairly easy to set.  Not a huge learning curve.  They’re pretty durable, not that I’ve done anything extreme to it, but I’ve dropped it on the floor a few times and it didn’t break.  If you’re into interval training you might as well drop a few bucks and get yourself one.

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