Self Help Books and Why They Fail

All self help books are kinda the same.  They might have a different angle, a new little buzzword or routine, but in the end most of the books are the same.  I’m not going over the anatomy of a self help book, instead I’m going over why they fail, but do they?

Self Help books fail, not because of the content, or the catchy little phrases they drop, and in actuality they don’t fail at all.  I can almost guarantee that most self help books would in fact help, but why are so many people miserable?  It’s the fact that most people reading self help books will read the book, be inspired by the book, like the book, recommend the book, and then promptly forget the lessons they learned in the book.

Self help books fail because the audience that reads them fail to implement what they’ve learned.  Am I one of those people?  Hell yeah!  I can’t tell you all the great self help books I’ve read, enjoyed, recommended, and promptly forgot about them.  Doesn’t matter how great the author was, how successful they are, but it comes down to whether or not as a reader I would implement what was taught to me.

For all you people that have read a self help book and did nothing about it.  Re-read the book that you thought was once great and instead of forgetting the lessons learned, go ahead and give them a try.  You don’t need to buy a shelf of self help books, but if you’ve already gotten a self help book, actually utilize what was said in the books.  Even if you like just some parts of the book, use them in your life, you don’t have to use a whole self help system, even if you use the one part you liked you’ll see changes for the better.

I’ve made a conglomeration of self help book ideas that I use everyday.  For me it wasn’t one self help book, but multiples and I came up with a routine that worked for me.  It all started though by actually utilizing the information that was given to me.  You could read the greatest book ever, one that maps out how you’ll be happy, successful, sexy, and perfect, but I can guarantee that book will fail you if you don’t actually do it.

So, do it, read, comprehend, and make a plan of action based on the first two elements.


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