Finding a Workout You Like

Sometimes finding a workout you like is more important than finding one that is optimal.  What I mean is that if you do a powerlifting routine but you kinda hate powerlifting you’re not going to do the damn program long enough to see any results.  For me, I needed to find exercises that I loved to do, and even if the results were less than optimal, I stuck with the program much longer and did see results.

Let’s face it, if you quit the absolute best exercise program, split, etc, before it delivers any real results, does it make it the best exercise program for you?  Also, I’m not talking about intensity, if you don’t like to exercise at all, you have to build up to any meaningful program by taking baby steps.  In this article I sung the praises of walking.

Do anything as long as you continue to progress.  What I mean is if you start out walking, you need to progress, so, if you were walking 5 minutes, eventually walk 10 minutes…if you walk 30 minutes…walk faster in those 30 minutes.  That’s what I mean by progressing.  Doing the same program endlessly isn’t really a wise option, even if it’s better than doing nothing.

Time has recently been a factor for me, so instead of a regular weight lifting program, I switched it up to full body circuit training.  Not ideal, but 3 times a week, 40 minutes, that’s all I have available at the moment.  I also enjoy the workout.  Is it optimal for my goals?  Hell no!  However, I’m not going to only do optimal workouts if it doesn’t fit my life.  I’ve increased strength, endurance, and even though I still do cardio, I’ve noticed that my conditioning has greatly improved.  Even if I’m not doing the optimal workout for my goals, I’m still progressing, adding weight, increase rounds, decreasing the amount of time.

Just wanted to throw this out there, that if you hate exercising, don’t worry about doing the best exercise with the most expensive equipment.  Instead, do what you like to do, progress, and your situation changes, change your workouts.

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