Cheap Exercise Gear Part I

I was just watching an infomercial for some new exercise equipment.  I won’t say the brand, because it’s not their fault they got me interested but I can’t afford it.  In my life I’ve gotten a lot of exercise equipment but when I finally got bitten by the exercise bug, I discovered that cost of the exercise gear didn’t matter as long as you do it consistently.  I’m going to give you some cheap exercise gear ideas, some requires no money or very little money.  I said part 1 in the title because I know I’m going to remember a bunch of other things a week later and be annoyed that I didn’t include it.

Here’s some cheap exercise gear or just exercises that require no money at all.

Walking – umm, you got feet?  You got the great outdoors, all you need is a pair of shoes, and you don’t really need any expensive shoes, because walking is so fundamental and easy you don’t need a damn thing.  Where to walk?  Umm, outside?  The Mall?  Around your house?  I’m a big fan of walking.  There’s some nice little things you can get like a pedometer, fitbit, nice walking shoes, or you want to try something like nordic walking.  Heck you can even get expensive and get yourself a treadmill.  The point is that you don’t need anything.  When I couldn’t go outside because of the weather, I would just walk around my house, walk in place.  Walking is the easiest, cheapest, cardio exercise you have at your disposal.

Running – same like walking but you might need a decent pair of running shoes.  I also think this is a little restrictive based on your size, if you’re big, don’t do running, your knees will thank me later.

Bodyweight Exercises – Umm, kinda straight forward, go to youtube, look up some bodyweight routines, and go for it.  No money, little space needed, and your body is your gym.  There’s a lot of appeal to doing bodyweight exercises and when I don’t feel like lifting weights, I’ll throw in a bodyweight routine.

Jump Rope – I bought my jumprope for $12 and it’s probably one of the “high end” jump ropes.  They sell ropes for $3 to $6 that would be just as effective.  I personally find jumping rope to be one of the hardest cardio exercises you can do, but it is a bit easier on your knees than running.  I would put the caveat that I did with running, if you’re very big, don’t do this, knees and heart will thank me.  However, if you’re into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Jumping Rope is one of the best you can do.

Adjustable Dumbbells – No, I don’t mean those fancy ones that cost an arm and a leg, even though I want them badly, I’m talking about a cheap set of dumbbells that use standard size plate.  Doing a quick look at the web, you can get a standard size weight set for about $1 a pound.  If you’re a woman, 40lbs would be enough to start, a man would probably need 100 pound minimum.  Check craigslist, because you can often get amazing deals on weights because people just want to get rid of them.  With Dumbbells though you pretty much have hundreds of exercises that will help you build some decent muscle if you keep with it.

Exercise Bands – For some reason if you can’t get the dumbbells, you can use exercise bands to creatively target and build some muscle.  I would highly recommend doing a quasi-Bodyweight style workout where you use bodyweight exercises in combination with exercise bands.  Not ideal for building muscle, but better than nothing, and cheap as dirt.  Around $30 will get you a lot of different size bands.

Stair Climbing – You don’t need a stairclimbing machine…remember Rocky?  Do that…it can be in your house or any other place that has steps.  Also, you can do like I did, before I bought a nice stepup box, I made one, and I’m not the world’s most handy guy, but get some plywood and get cutting and hammering and you soon have one step that you can step up on, step down, rinse and repeat for 30 minutes, sweat buckets, get in great cardio shape, and you had to pay next to nothing.

There’s more, just get creative, I remember a few years ago they had on the news this guy that lost a ton of weight and all he did was walk/run carrying a big ass tree branch on his back.  The point is, it’s really nice to buy top of the line stuff, but when you have to make do, you can make do, and get in great shape in the process.

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