Blizzard 2015

The end of the world is coming and snow is going to kill you.  If you live on the east coast this is what’s been chanted the last 2 days.  There’s been runs on the supermarket, people have lost their damn minds and shut everything down, and you’re instructed to stay in your house or you might get killed, buried alive, or some other horror.  Well, it’s 5 am in the morning here on Long Island, well past the extreme danger zone they predicted, and there was about 8 inches of snow, far less than the 34 inches that was predicted.

Okay, so some areas are going to get more, but I’m wondering if the news is actually going to report the 8 inches of snow I got and kinda say sorry for totally making everyone hysterical with worry.  Most likely they will find that one tree that fell over and report on it constantly and make it like they successfully predicted the weather, even though, I’m pretty sure, that they were nuts and made a story out of nothing.

Should I be angry at this fact?  Well, I stopped seriously watching the news because of the revisionist type history that’s often implemented when they totally screw up. I remember a few years ago there was like a point nothing Earthquake in New York and the news was foaming at the mouth over the story.  They finally found one chimney that fell over and they had choppers around it for an hour and reported on it endlessly.  Ever since then I look at the news with a slight repulsion.

Get a trained Chimp to throw darts at a board with weather predictions and he’ll probably be as accurate as the Weathermen and woman of New York!

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