Book Review: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

I wasn’t sure about reviewing books on this site, but instead of giving reviews for all the books I read, I’ve decided just to point out the ones that I think would benefit the average person.  One of the best that I’ve read this year is Mini Habits by Stephen Guise.  The essence of the book is that it’s easier to create a habit if it’s so small and inconsequential that doing it isn’t a burden mentally.

There’s explanations about how the brain works, conscious, subconscious, and all that sort of goodness.  There’s also a personal element on how Stephen used a mini habit to start an exercise habit.  Yes, the book starts with the one pushup a day habit and it expands outwards from there.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the book because you should read it and apply it to your own life.  I will say how I’ve applied it to my own life in one small way.  I have to code and write a lot for other people which makes doing it for myself a chore.  You know the feeling if you work at a job 9 to 5, do you really want to come home and do the same job for enjoyment?  I used to enjoy writing, even if I wasn’t the best at it, I enjoyed it, but working for disagreeable people kinda killed my inner child.

I wanted to get back that feeling again, so, I used what I learned from Mini Habits to start writing again.  I started another blog on an old domain, I set the goal of writing 50 words per day on it.  To give you some perspective on how little that is for me, I type 120 wpm, so if I was going full tilt that would take me a whopping 30 seconds to knock out.  It was an easy mini-habit to come up with, but even that took a little dedication, but I kept saying to myself, it’s 30 lousy seconds, and I kept with it.

After 4 months of doing that little amount, I found that I wanted to write more, and more, and not just blog posts, but in my journal, that unfinished novel, this blog, letters, I mean, who writes letters nowadays in the age of email, text messages, but that’s the power of developing a habit, even a small one, it eventually becomes ingrained in your subconscious and becomes effortless.

Read the book, come up with some mini-habits, you’ll be amazed how that seed will grow.  Here’s his website or just pick it up off Amazon.

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