Carrying a Pocket Knife

I’m not sure where to put this post, maybe make something like man-etiquette or something of that flavor.  I’ve read a few times, seen a few youtube videos, where someone is saying that you should carry a pocket knife with you everyday.  I have since I was 12 and was like, “Duh” at this advice, but once I got thinking about it, umm, I’m the only person in my clique that carries one.

It isn’t nothing special, just a Victorinox Tinker, but I’ve Macguyver’ed the shit out of things with it and it’s proven to be very useful in my life.  Maybe not an everyday type thing, but when you need a pocket knife, you need a pocket knife, and it’s a very useful tool.

Tool, there, I said it, I don’t think of pocket knives as a weapon and you shouldn’t either.  Sure, some knife companies basically make “self-defense” items, but honestly if you have any kind of IQ you wouldn’t be whipping out a knife in a dangerous situation.  First, you shouldn’t be placing yourself in a dangerous situation, and there’s just better go to options that aren’t as, umm, nasty as pulling out a knife and using it on another human being.

The problem with today’s society though is that pocket knives fall into that big scary topic of a weapon, instead of a tool, and since there are some people that want to bubblewrap our existence, there’s been a lot of laws, rules, regulations, that have come out regarding pocket knives.  If I were 12 again, I wouldn’t be carrying a pocket knife, not because I wasn’t responsible enough, but the way people are they’d view it as a weapon instead of a tool and I would have been kicked out of school.

Back to the topic though, I’ve used that Swiss Army Knife to hell and back, from screwing in screws, to emergency car repairs, to cutting open that damn stubborn box from Amazon.  I’ll go as far to say that every man, if they want to call themselves a man, should be carrying a useful pocket knife (if it has skulls on it, probably not that useful).

Best choice, Swiss Army Knife, but any of the traditional style knives will do, Case Sodbuster for example, or at least carry a multi-tool, even if I find them not as comfortable or ergonomic as a Swiss Army Knife.

There, this was a weird post that kind of goes nowhere, now to think up a category.

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