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I think the internet is one of the best sources of info out there but only if you look at it with an objective eye.  There’s a lot of people that would have you follow their regime and they guarantee results.  Well, there is no one size fits all protocol.  There isn’t a magic bullet for every person and whether it’s low carbs, high carbs, paleo, intermittent fasting, HIIT Training, Strength Training, etc, etc, etc, I caution you about the information you get online.

The main thing I would caution against is the follow:

1. Seems to good to be true!  This is basically the problem with most diet and exercise programs.  The results are made to sound too easy.  Take this pill, eat this food, don’t eat this food, you’ll be thin in no time.  It just doesn’t really work like that and it’s more of a permanent lifestyle change that will give you the permanent results you crave.  The thing is, it’s not easy, it’s hard as hell.  When I was heavy, there wasn’t just one problem, there was so many problems that I couldn’t just *poof* take care of the issue.  I had to create a lot of healthy habits and remove a lot of bad habits, and that took time.  I was seeing results instantly, but I knew that this was a long term type thing and not a short term sprint.

2. Minutes a day.  This really pushes the first point of it being too good to be true, but basically being fit minutes a day?  Not going to happen.  I will say that doing anything a few minutes a day is better than no minutes per day, but you’re not going to get super lean and fit a few minutes a day.  Not going to happen.

3. Know yourself and listen to yourself.  This is about exercise mostly, but you see some ripped guy doing youtube videos or writing articles online, you don’t know if they’re blessed with perfect genetics or enhanced with some drugs.  A training protocol that would only work for someone juiced should be avoided at all costs.  Someone working out naturally just can’t recover like someone that’s enhanced.

Also, when I started out, I was morbidly obese, if I did half the workouts posted on youtube, I would have had a massive coronary episode.  This is where knowing yourself comes into play.  Today I did 45 minutes on a recumbent bicycle and it had some interval training thrown in because I wanted to get my heartrate up.  Now, if I had done this workout when I was starting out, I would have felt like crap doing it, and if I put that information on the web some might have thought it was gospel on what a fat person should do.  What they wouldn’t have seen is the months of me just walking.  Months of me doing a very easy kettlebell complex and working up from there.

If you’re just starting out and you haven’t been exercising at all.  Just take it easy.  Constantly progress, but realize that you have to put the time in before you get to the point where you can do a challenging exercise you see on the net.

4. People that have been indoctrinated into one way of doing something.  There’s some scary, almost cult like, fitness groups online.  I’m not going to point out a specific group, but lets just say they’re the type that believes their method of doing something is the right way and no other way has any merit.

When I progressed from walking to kettlebell training, I did a lot of research, and I would come across great articles about kettlebells and then I would come across some lunatic that would be yelling about kettlebells being some new fad gimmick that sucked compared to (fill in the training protocol the loon was on).

The thing is, I enjoyed doing kettlebell training, it wasn’t the be all and end all to my fitness goals, but I enjoy it, and stuck with it.  It also made me fit enough to do other types of training.  I don’t tell people, you have to do this, because you may just hate kettlebell training, so, this goes back to knowing yourself, knowing exercises you would like to do, and ignoring the chatter about what’s the best way to do something.

In the end it will always come back to using your commonsense, knowing how your body feels, and going with that.

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