Easy Peel and Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

In my quest to lose weight, to gain muscle, I became very close with the hard boiled egg.  Good source of protein, easy to pack as a snack, and everything was good about having hard boiled eggs.  Well, there was one problem, I couldn’t get the damn shell off 50% of the time and they ended up looking like mini-moons that had craters created by my big clumsy thumbs.

I tried all the variations on cooking a hard boiled egg, even tried that silly thing where you crack both ends and blow…yeah, no, that just didn’t work for me.  I tried putting it in cold water and bringing it to a boil, tried boiling it and then putting in the egg, tries vinegar in the water, oh and the list goes on and on.  Finally, I discovered the perfect hassle free way of making an egg: STEAM.

Okay, so you buy a wire rack, or a double steamer.  I got mine from amazon, was like $20, and it’s basically a pot with a steamer basket.  You can buy just the steamer basket and that runs around $5.  All you do is put about an inch or so of water, get it boiling, then put the eggs in the basket with a lid on top.  Wait 20 minutes.  Run a little cold water on it and peel the eggs….easily.  Store the eggs with the shells on if you’re not going to eat them immediately.  When I’m telling you that this is the easiest fool proof way to make an egg, trust me it is, just try it and you’ll never go back to boiling eggs ever again.

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