Just Do It

Who would think that Nike had it right when it said, “Just Do It” and how that little slogan could be used for almost anything in life.  I’m going to apply it to diet and exercise for this post because that is something that I did and it made a world of difference and was the turning point in my weightloss journey.

This is just a personal story, but I think it applies to a lot of people out there and if you see yourself in this story than maybe the advice will work for you as well.  The numerous times I started a diet and exercise regime I would do lots of research on what’s the absolute best way to do things.  This ranged from what’s the best cardio to the best strength training split.  It encompassed what equipment I needed to buy to what sneakers I should wear.  Many times the information was conflicting or I would start on one program, get tired of it, and dismiss it as “not right for me” and then quit completely.

The problem becomes chasing the perfect program and ending up not doing any.  This was the same for dieting, I’d start low carb then say it wasn’t for me, I’d quit, losing any progress that I did make.

Just do it became my motto, it became that motto that I would apply to everything, and if it didn’t work, instead of quitting completely I would “Just Do It” to some other type of exercise or diet program.  By continuing to experiment and not giving up I eventually found a system that worked for me, but it was that trial and error, that never giving up that led me to a plan of action that worked for me.  It was just starting, just doing it, that allowed me to free myself from trying to find the perfect way of doing something and led me to the perfect way for me.

I read so many articles on how great back squatting is, and it probably is, but I absolutely hated the exercise, it never felt right to me, and that could have been because I was a chunky monkey and putting more weight on my back made me feel like crap.  So, I would start back squatting and there was nothing that felt right about it, so I would quit, but I didn’t just quit back squatting, nope, if I couldn’t do that exercise I was going to quit exercising period.  What?  Are you kidding me, but this is the same thing a lot of people do.  Instead of looking up something that would work better for my fat ass, I just quit, and didn’t do anything.

Following a less than ideal workout program was not an option for me.  It was the best program or else.  The idea that I would start walking as my workout made me feel, umm, less manly.  I kept thinking of myself as some little old person power walking around a shopping mall.  Egad, NEVAH, but guess what?  Those old people walking were in better shape than I was and yet I was too good to do that.

Any workout program, is better than no workout program, and progressing in anything allows you to get that feeling of doing something in a committed habit.  One healthy habit starts the ball rolling, that one moment of “Just Do It” starts a chain reaction of doing it.

I’m going to tell you about a workout progression that I did.  It wasn’t perfect.  I dont want to admit some of it, but it is what it is, and I don’t feel bad now because I’m constantly trying new things, never quitting, and always challenging myself.  The first step for me was literally taking that first step, walking, and yes I didn’t feel great about it, but I progressed.  Sure I couldn’t do the latest greatest youtube workout.  I couldn’t lift huge weight.  However, I progressed, and moved to doing kettlebells, from there I used and still use, isometrics to build muscle, and yes, I used a bullworker.  From there I went to bodyweight exercises and let me tell you my first pushup was done at 300lbs and it was an amazing accomplishment to me.  Now that I can do 100 pushups, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but that first pushup was epic for me.

Was I following a perfect path to getting in shape, nope, but at least I was on some path.  I don’t discourage anyone from doing any kind of workout as long as they progress and keep progressing.  I was watching an episode of Grimm and they had this guy using a Shake Weight, is that a silly piece of equipment, but I got to thinking about my walking and thought, “Hey if it gets someone started on something, it’s all good!”

Okay, I’ve rambled far too long on a three word topic, “Just Do It” and I should add not to quit and to always progress to something beter.

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