Youtube Review: Rob Bourassa

Just like book reviews, I wasn’t sure if I should bother putting up youtube reviews, but I’ve spent a lot of time searching out useful information, but to get to the useful stuff you have to go through tons of crap.  The net is a great source of information but you have to distill the information, objectively review topics, and discover which information is worthy of retaining.

I was going to post a few exercise gurus that I like, but I decided to go instead with the first person that taught me something online and the great thing is he doesn’t even know I exist.  That’s the power of being an educator online, you teach and you may not necessarily know your students, but they exist.

I’ve been playing guitar for years, but I kinda sucked and I could play songs but very much a hack at the guitar.  In many regards I still suck at the guitar, but I suck less because of Rob Bourassa.  If you haven’t guessed yet, he’s a guitarist, and he put up one of the best beginning primers for guitarist on youtube.  In fact I would say it’s a must see 7 week course of guitar lessons that will take you from complete novice to being a competent amateur guitarist.

It’s a foundational type course, it’s a good starting point, it trains your basic abilities, it gives you a solid foundation to go further.  Rob has ended up doing this for Banjo and Ukulele as well, so, if you’re interested in learning a stringed instrument his channel is a good place to start.

Here’s his youtube channel

Youtube screwed up his playlist for his lessons, but someone did a playlist here and you can just follow that list of videos.

I changed my life over the last year and I left a lot of empty spaces.  One thing I did was fill those voids with knowledge, not just reading lots, but also picking up hobbies that helped me fill my day up.  This post is more of a small thank you to Rob and maybe getting some more subscribers to his youtube channel, because the internet is a big juggernaut of information, and I just wanted to point out a useful corner of the web.  Pick up your guitar, the one that’s been collecting dust for years, and just practice with Rob for 15 minutes a day.

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