Grading Your Day

This is an odd topic, but something that I started doing months ago, and it’s really helped me understand what makes me feel great and feel like crap.  I’ve told you all that you should be keeping a food journal, but you don’t just have to keep food entries in the journal, you can keep all sorts of information and thoughts.

One thing I like to do is grade my day.  Yep, I give each day a letter grade based on how I felt, if I finished everything I wanted, if I stuck to my healthy habits, exercised, etc, etc, etc.  Why is this important?  I find it makes me aware of what’s going on in my day.  If someone has brought me down, if something has troubled me, if something has caused a day to go from an A to F…I can pinpoint the problem.

Writing is a form of therapy.  I never used to be so wavy gravy about things, but I started just keeping track of food entries and exercise, and then added other small things, until I became rather verbose with my daily entries.  It isn’t forced, it sort of came naturally, and it doesn’t take that long, but if I’m on a downturn, I just look at the journal and see what caused it.  Did I eat something I shouldn’t have, did I skip a workout and now I feel lazy, was I grumpy and yelled at someone I shouldn’t have.

All those little things that seem inconsequential can have a big impact on your emotional state and for a long time I went through the day in a haze, if I felt bad, I just attributed it to my life sucking.  That big sweeping statement certainly wasn’t good for my subconscious to constantly hear.

Now, I look at what specifically bothered me, and I’m able to carefully analyze what makes me happy and what makes me sad.  It can be small things that trigger a happy or sad mood.  I’ll give you a quick example of something that made me happy that was small in the grand scheme of things, but still made me smile.  I’ve added a lot of leg exercises the past month and I was walking outside to bring out the garbage and it felt like my legs were made steel.

You’ll find you have a lot of those type moments when you exercise regularly, but you may not really notice it or give it the attention it deserves.  Achievements should be celebrated, even if it’s small, and giving a letter grade to your day, helps you celebrate the positives, and dispel the negatives.

Anyway, give it a try, get specific as to why the day was great or sucked, and then learn from it, make adjustments, until your days get more positive grades than negative.

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