Hobbies to help stress and filling voids

When I was younger I had a ton of hobbies, but as you get older things fall away and you soon find yourself in a rut of just working and watching the TV as your only free time activity.  You soon find yourself doing this day in and out, rinse and repeat, until everyday just blends into one constant blur.

When I decided to change my life, lose weight, get healthy, one thing that I planned on doing was getting some hobbies that I enjoyed when I was younger.  Okay, so I couldn’t do all the things of my youth, but I soon found that the things I enjoyed in the past are still things I enjoy now.

Stress, you’ll find studies that show how hobbies reduce stress levels.  This is kind of obvious if you have a hobby you enjoy, but the thing that I found was it filled voids in my life.  The average person watches 6 hours of TV a day.  I probably was watching 8 hours a day, having the TV constantly on as I worked, and then used it as my free time.  Basically watching TV isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m not one of those people that say no TV, but excessive amounts of TV just doesn’t really fit into a healthy lifestyle.  I still watch TV, have all the streaming services, and I use youtube a little to much but I maybe spend 2 hours a day watching various video media.

Yay, I got 6 hours back, umm, wait, now what do I do?  This is what I mean about filling voids.  Hobbies are a great way to fill those spaces you create by reducing habits like TV watching.  Picking a hobby for me was easy, but hard at the same time.  I didn’t want to pick up Video Games as a hobby, because it’s kinda like watching TV, you zone out for hours, its sedentary, and not very mentally stimulating.  Youtube is great for hobbies, if you need to learn something, and you find people with the same interest, but make sure you don’t just aimlessly watch videos.  I mean I can get on a fail/win video kick and blow off 2 hours of watching people falling down.

The hobbies that I chose was reading non-fiction, so I was constantly learning something new, playing the guitar, walking / hiking, learning a second language (good for brain stimulation), learning how to cook healthy foods, and I’m still looking for more hobbies because 6 hours a day is a lot of void to fill up.

How many hours do you sit in front of the TV?  Youtube?  Facebook?  What kind of hobbies could you be doing instead?  Mentally stimulating hobbies are great, physically demanding hobbies is a fun way to add exercise that you wouldn’t normally do.  The point is that life is meant to be lived and that means to fill it with meaningful moments, not just escapism.

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