Youtube Review: Scooby1961

I’ve been subscribed to Scooby1961 for as long as he’s had a channel.  Basically, while I was still a fat ass. I would watch his videos because he made fitness approachable.  He’s a nice guy or at least he comes off like a nice guy.  One look at him you would think that he’s not the right fit for a beginner to watch, but even though he looks extreme, he actually gives some really helpful advice.

Do I agree with everything he says, hmm, well, I don’t agree with anyone 100% but even when I disagree I still respect his opinions and that’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to agreeing with someone 100%.  I’m going to point out some of his best videos that I used to help me with certain fitness goals I had.

First Pullups:


One thing I always wanted to do was a pull up.  Being large, you can’t really do them until you lose some weight, it just makes it that much easier.  However, once I did lose weight, this is the progression that I used to build my pull ups enough to include them in workouts.

Killer Chest Workout:

I never like working out at a gym.  I just think starting out that I didn’t want to be seen and now I just have grown into the habit of solo working out.  I’m always looking for at home type workouts and Scooby has some of the best home workouts you’ll find on youtube.

Now, I’m going to let you explore his channel and find videos that will interest you.  There’s a lot there.  So here’s his channel and here’s his website.

I only post Youtube channels that I actually use and find informative.  There’s a lot of good fitness and exercise channels out there, but finding a reliable one isn’t always easy.  Start with Scooby though and this is my small way of thanking youtube channels that have helped me out.

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