Mini Dieting Hack

This isn’t going to be a long post, more of a small trick that I used and still use while dieting.  Small things matter and while they may not be life changing in themselves they generally can add up with other small things to make a big difference.

Drinking water.  Open up google and type in the importance of drinking water if you want all the facts on why you should drink water.   Things like you’re 20% stronger when you’re properly hydrated and all fun facts like that.  This post isn’t going to be like that, it’s just a small mini dieting tip and it doesn’t get a lot of explanation, just do it, it works.

Alot of the times when you think you’re hungry you’re really just thirsty.  What?  You mean I didnt have to eat that bowl of pasta covered with cheese?  Well, okay it might not be that simple but it is pretty simple, drink some water, wait 15 minutes, and most of the times your crazy cravings will calm down enough for you to make a sensible decision on what to eat.

Here’s a small healthy habit for you to try.  Whenever you’re really hungry drink 16 ounces of water and wait 15 minutes.  Once that time has passed then make a decision on what to eat.

I would often find myself eating without thinking.  Even if you aren’t thirsty, you’ve created a small zone of time that allows you to think about what you’re doing.

Instead of impulse eating you set up a ritual that makes you mindful of what you eat.  Be mindful of what you do, don’t do anything because of impulse, at least when it comes to dieting and you’ll soon find that you’re making better choices when it comes to what you eat and when you eat it.

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