Keeping A Schedule

The last few days I’ve been kinda running ragged.  One of the biggest changes that I made in my life a year ago was having a schedule that I stuck to because it just made everything easier.  I could put this advice in Diet or Exercise, but it really is about everything.

Life is easier when it’s scheduled.  It may sound like the most boring thing ever, but it works, and you won’t be a boring person if you end up getting everything you ever wanted out of life and achieving your goals.  The last few days weren’t scheduled for me, I was off schedule, and everything was harder, my meals, while healthy, weren’t easy to pull off.  I ended up eating some emergency healthy food that I have as a go to, but the old me would have gone to McDonald’s and attacked the dollar menu like a dollaraire and went crazy.  Still, no schedule today made it very hard.

I exercised today, but it wasn’t at my usual time, and the workout kinda sucked, I still worked out though, that’s good, but honestly when I’m on a schedule, my workouts are better, optimum nutrition before and after the workout, plenty of energy, but today it just kind of sucked.

Even my work today was a little off and my blog post for the day is happening at 1 am and I’m writing about a schedule, wtf, in the end though this is a learning experience that life is easier with a schedule.  If you find your like me or at least willing to entertain the idea that most people do better with a schedule, I highly recommend you start planning as much as you can in advance, whether it’s meals, exercise, work, or personal, having a schedule will help you stay focused, won’t tax your feeble will power, and will just make the day go smoothly.

I know, I know, everyone wants to be a free spirit, but honestly the only way I freed myself was by being more rigid…now that’s deep, lol.

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