Banana Protein Icecream

Variety is important when eating, especially when eating healthy, because you tend to get into a rut.  You find one healthy food and you beat it to death having it until you’re so sick of it you need a break.

I always try to plan my meals out in advance but sometimes life gets the best of you and you have to think on your feet.  Looking at the ingredients I had to work with I decided to make a Banana, Whey, Icecream.

I always have frozen banana’s in the fridge, they’re really good when you want to make a cold smoothy.  Those same frozen bananas make an excellent icecream.  Here’s the ingredients I used today:

2 Frozen Bananas
2 scoops of Jarrow’s Unflavored Whey Protein
1/4 cup of almond milk

Throw that into a food processor and you have an instant frozen dessert that also just happens to be protein packed because of the whey.  I had this today after a workout and I felt great after having it, the carbs in the banana, the protein in the whey, was a perfect way to do a recovery meal and it took no time to prepare.

Give it a try, I’ve made this in a blender as well, but a food processor goes nice and fast.  If you have a yonana, you know, that cheesy thing they sell on late night tv, that would work as well.

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