Political Rant

I wasn’t sure if I should do a post like this, but then I thought, “Who else is reading this blog besides me?”  With that safety of it never being read by anyone but me, I decided to dive into politics.  I was watching the news and they’re already talking about what candidates are the front runners for the next Presidency.

It just seems like yesterday I had to endure the mindless blather of politicians wanting to be President and here we go again.  Politicians should be important, they should be inspirational, unfortunately none are, they’re like eating a dirt sandwich.  It might be a sandwich but come on, dirt inside, do you really want the taste of dirt in your mouth.

I’m not really a member of any party anymore.  I used to be a Republican and then went to Democrat, back to Republican, then to Independent, and now even calling myself an Independent is too much.  Basically I’m in the LMA Party (Leave me alone).  As the years have passed I noticed that Politics have become the new religion and rarely do people from different parties get along.

Depending on which cable channel you land on you see very polarizing news slanting one way or the other.  Whatever happened to news for news sake without the injection of vitriol that most stations have?

The thing that annoys me the most is the fact that people indoctrinated in the religion of politics won’t leave you alone on the topic.  It’s like that 24 hour news cycle has brainwashed them into thinking that’s the only topic a person can talk about.  When I tell people I’m in the LMA Party and explain what that is they just give me a weird look like somehow I’m missing out on something because I’m not into politics.

In my entire adult life I’ve not been impressed with one politician.  That’s kind of sad that 20 years + and not 1 politician has made a favorable impression on me.  The best I can say is that some politicians don’t make me want to throw up, barely, and that’s few and far between.

Join the LMA party and free yourself of the mindless prattling of politicians.

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