Acclimating Your Taste

I think I wrote a similar post but something happened yesterday that reminded me that my taste buds have dramatically changed.  I never, ever, thought I would be one of those people that could eat repulsive healthy foods and actually like the taste.  When I was fat, I would look at those people eating something healthy and think, “They must be nuts!”

As a former fat person I know how healthy foods are just repulsive, but as you acclimate your taste suddenly the healthy foods taste delicious and the processed foods kinda taste overdone.  The thing is if I go and tell you to eat a list of the foods I eat now it would just seem like a punishment to you.

What happened yesterday?  I was eating some plain greek yogurt, with a scoop of unflavored whey powder, and some frozen blueberries.  I thought it was the best tasting thing ever, so, I told a friend to try it.  One spoonful and their face wrinkled up like I had fed them poison.  It was not sweet enough for them, they said it was tart tasting, and ugly.

I looked down at my yogurt and thought, “Are you ugly tasting” and then I took another spoonful and was like, “Nope, delicious!”

The thing that I’ve forgotten was that I have acclimated myself to healthy eating.  The smallest amount of sweetness from a fruit tastes just right to me.  Because I don’t use artificial sweeteners at all the taste of naturally sweet things have become just perfect for me.  Occasionally I’ll eat some “cheat” food and I have to tell you it almost always tastes too sweet to me, granted still awesome, but not as enjoyable as it used to be.  I’ll eat dark chocolate and now when I eat milk chocolate I can only eat a few pieces before I want to give it up.  That’s a big difference when I could eat a bag of Hershey Kisses and leave an aluminum foil graveyard behind.

All those years of me being fat, watching some skinny bastard eating a salad, only to realize that skinny bastard actually liked the taste of that salad and they weren’t just being an asshole eating a salad in front of a fat person.

Point of this post is that addictive decadent foods are great, but weening yourself off  them slowly allows your taste buds to reset.  A piece of fruit should be sweet enough, that should feel like dessert to you, and when you do use sugar sparingly, a little goes along way.  Also, realize that if you are eating whatever you want, it takes time before the healthy things actually taste good to you.  In my post Bad, Better, Best  I showed you how I broke certain food addictions by finding that food that would bridge between healthy and unhealthy and how to ween yourself off those bad foods.

I still consider myself in the Better category still.  While I eat very healthy, it’s still not as healthy as it could be, maybe in time I will have that perfect diet, but you can make huge changes in yourself, in your taste buds, by starting to make small better choices in your eating habits.

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