Advertising and Drug Companies

On the whole I hate tv commercials because I know that they’re basically planting suggestions in your subconscious mind to buy their product.  Health foods that aren’t all that healthy, exercise equipment that’s at best dodgy, and the list goes on and on.

I can tolerate most of it but what I can’t stand is drug companies pushing their product with this false sense of taking this drug makes your life wonderful.  It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the person with a critical disease is portrayed as having this ideal life all because they took some wonder drug.  The best part is when they read off the list of side effects.  If dry mouth or liver failure, or sudden death isn’t mentioned I’m shocked.

The thing is our subconscious mind isn’t listening to the words, we’re looking at the pictures, a sunny day, a happy person, frolicking in nature.  It may cause liver failure, but you’ll have one helluva good time while it’s happening.

When I was unhealthy, fat, and probably near death, I would sometimes look at those commercials and say, “Damn who knew that herpes could be fun,”  That commercial particularly annoyed me because they had this couple laughing, the woman was pretty good looking, and the guy says, “I have herpes” and the woman chimes in brightly, “…and I don’t” and those two bastards were as happy as could be in the commercial.

What the hell is with bathtubs outside?  I mean every erectile dysfunction commercial has two bathtubs outside.  I don’t think I’d like a bathtub outside, maybe that’s just me personally, but seriously, what the hell is the deal with that.  It’s always that loving couple as well, that are playful, and whatever, why don’t they show the depraved rich 65 year old that’s pursuing someone half their age and they need performance enhancing drugs to pull that feat off.

In the end most people could avoid needing drugs of any kind if they adopted a healthy lifestyle.  We’ve become a nation of over the counter drug addicts.  We’re shocked at some pot head that is happy but we’re filling a prescription for some drug that hasn’t completely been tested yet.

Anyway, open your eyes when watching commercials, you start seeing how they program you with what they want and not what’s necessarily best for you.

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