App Review: Myfitnesspal is probably one of the best ways to monitor calories and macros on the net right now.  I can almost always find the foods I eat and they include the nutritional information like fat, proteins, carbs, serving size, and things like that.  If you don’t have an account there I highly recommend getting one since it’s free and no big deal to signup.

They also have an app, appropriately called Myfitnesspal.  You can use it on any android device I believe, but I use it on my Kindle Fire and it works like a charm.  The main reason I use it…I always have my kindle with me, so, whenever I eat it’s a few quick taps and I’ve included my calories.

I think it’s a good tool to hold you accountable.  Granted, you should consider having your meals planned out in advance, but life doesn’t always work that way and it’s nice to have this app handy.

Some helpful hints, make sure that you sync the app to the website.  Just click the settings and hit sync because eventhough it says it just synced it didn’t.  This is really only if you use the website during the day and the app at the other time…I sometimes do this, but right now I almost only use the app because of ease of use.

Go get it, it’s free, helpful, and makes you mindful of what you’re eating.

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