Crossfit – My Opinion On It

I think if you lose weight and workout there’s going to be that moment when someone asks you about crossfit.  A friend emailed me about it and asked my opinion.  I was kind of scratching my head because I honestly don’t have a strong opinion on crossfit one way or the other.  So, here’s my kinda wishy washy opinion on the topic.

I think for some people crossfit is a good option and for others it’s a bad idea.  Gee, isn’t that a committed answer!  This is my opinion on most diets or exercise programs though, find one that you actually like doing, not just because it’s the latest or greatest or someone you know lost a whole bunch of something on it.

What you have to be honest is with yourself.  If you enjoy doing crossfit style workouts, go with it, if you don’t, well don’t feel bad, just find one you like.  For fit people that like the community atmosphere of crossfit, the motivation of crossfit, the type of exercises, the WODs (workouts of the day), etc, then go for it, if you get tired of it, quit.

I wouldn’t recommend crossfit to the obese, out of shape, or ordinary person that just wants to get a little in shape.  For me when I started out even the most basic WOD would have killed me.  I took the long way around exercising, sure, but I did things that I liked to do and stuck to them.  I’ve tried some WOD workouts, they were fine now, but they were intense, and probably too intense for the old me or the average user.

What kind of gets me wondering is why so many people hate crossfit and why some love it so much?  I’m going to take a guess that the people that love it are probably making it like it’s the be all and end all.  I’ve only known one person that did crossfit and I only knew them casually, but they really did live the lifestyle of a crossfitter.  It would probably get on my nerves if I had to hear about it all the time.

I’m going to take another guess and say that people that hate crossfit have their own exercise religion that they’re praying to and it’s just a simple case of being dogmatic about an approach to working out.  My way or the highway, as the saying goes.  Or, they could have a crossfit person annoying the shit out of them and they respond to the annoyance by condemning the crossfit platform as a whole.

Either way, I don’t have a really strong opinion on the topic.  In the end you have to find what works for you without any of the noise that others make about exercise.


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