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A long, long, time ago I started writing webpages, umm, well something like that.  My first webpage was hosted on the free space AOL gave to its members, back when dial-up was the way you connected to the internet, and “You’ve got mail” was the coolest thing you ever heard.

Now that I’ve dated myself and just how long I’ve been at this let me tell you a bit about Webterrace.com.  It was the first domain that I purchased and I wrote webpages on every topic that even vaguely interested me.

The domain had a lot of action back in 2001, 2002, and then it just kinda stopped.  I got busy working for other companies, writing content, and gave up the dream of an internet empire to take the safe money of working for someone else and their internet empire.

For the most part that is what I’m still doing, but I recently started going back to my roots and looking at this page again, just looking at how much I wrote in a short period of time, and how it brought me joy just talking about whatever I wanted to talk about without having any editorial approval from others.

Right now I’m just going to write what I want to write about and I’m trying to do it in a daily fashion.  I’m not doing it for anything other than having that unfettered voice on the internet again.  Enjoy the posts, rants, hobbies I discuss, information I’ve come across, diet, exercise, cooking, and you’ll find that I have a rather diverse eclectic set of interests.



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